About Us

Thank you for your interest in Operation Push Foundation! We are on a mission to open the minds of our young men to career paths that go far beyond athletics and entertainment. While we will encourage our participants to pursue their career goals in whatever field they desire, we want to also expand their minds to the wide variety of career opportunities available to them through preparation and discipline. We will not only help our young men develop a primary plan for their lives, but we will also equip them to always be prepared with a Plan B for any adversity they may face. We want them to understand that if they have no option other than their first option, they will be limited in what they can achieve.


Our mission is to expose at-risk young men in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, who have demonstrated a willingness to learn and academic achievement, to institutions of higher learning and corporate organizations across the nation. This exposure will help our young men to understand the importance of early college preparation, and will expand their minds to the wide variety of career opportunities available to them in life.


The goal of OPF is to break the cycle of male imprisonment, high school dropouts, and the mentality that inner-city youth are limited to careers in sports and entertainment. Our goal is to set our young men on a path of career success through preparation and discipline.